Magician, The Veiled Earth #1 by Aaron S Gallagher

The Veiled Earth 1 - MagicianUrban Fantasy

This genre does not seem to get many reviews. Why, I am not sure. There is also a ton of this genre on Kindle Unlimited. Sometimes it hard to see the forest for the trees? – Try this book because I think it’s the perfect mix of Fantasy and Fiction. Tired of the same old stories of 3 way loves and nice guys trying to find the perfect girl – well throw in a really cool magician – not an illusionist – such as Valentien Dunne, a romp through Chinatown, a few minor magicians and you have an incredible story.

The different angles presented of the plot keep you quickly reading along. This is a world where magicians are part of the everyday – but the rest of the world might just not realize it.

Oh, the main character Dunne is cool just ask him and he’ll tell you but you might want to know that he is a bit of an asshole too – it just adds to the story!

This book is currently on Kindle Unlimited and will be all summer – so jump in and enjoy the story.

Click Here to Buy on Amazon or read free on Kindle Unlimited Magician (The Veiled Earth Book 1)

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