Dear Amazon, WTF????

sad amazon

I’m on the naughty reviewer list.

I have posted about 250 reviews on Amazon over the last 8 years; products that I have bought and books that I have read.

Over the last 6 months I have had a few reviews for books by Indie Authors removed.  I broke a guideline without realizing it.  I had the gall to review a book my husband had already read and reviewed.  It seems that Amazon does not believe that I could have a different opinion than my husband.  That I would be biased because my husband had read the same book!  And since I tried to review the same book, my husband would also be biased as his review was removed too.

I have since read the complete Guidelines from Amazon several times and am very careful to follow them.

But, last week an indie author contacted me through my blog and asked why I had removed my review from her book?  Later in the day 2 more authors contacted me.  All were Indie Authors so you KNOW how important each and every review is to them.  I started checking – all my reviews for every book, product, etc. – had been removed that I had ever written; going back 8 years and most were verified purchases.  I contacted Amazon immediately, filed out a form requesting it be looked into, got the standard email receipt saying they would be back to me in 1-2 days.

Three days went by and I contact them again – same form – same response.  6 days from the start I contact them again and this time I get to speak with a supervisor.  The supervisor nicely explains to me just how screwed I am.  There is no way for me to communicate with the department that handles this.  She, the supervisor, cannot even contact them as they have no phone support nor do they respond to the forms her department submits.  The initial contact customer service is purely to take information and they can submit the forms again and again but Amazon does not have to respond to me or even them – their own first line of customer support.

Each time I have called they have thanked me for being a Prime Member – stop thanking me and give your customers some respect and answer their questions.   You’re the only big game in town for indie authors and a lot of one woman/man shops and you control it all.

I have been notified that my reviews are gone and I am not allowed to EVER review on Amazon. My heart was in the right place trying to help Indie Authors by posting honest reviews, but Amazon believes I am evil and will taint the review process.

While Amazon is not a monopoly in the strictest sense of the word, they certainly behave as though they have monopoly power. They are accountable to no one and those who are wronged have no recourse. What goes around comes around. I am very dissatisfied customer who will now go out of her way, even if it costs more, to find my purchases someplace else.  I have recently reactivated my Barnes and Noble account.  I have also stopped using my Amazon Affiliate link – which earned me pennies and Amazon dollars.


Just once small voice.



10 thoughts on “Dear Amazon, WTF????

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your reviews being removed. I saw your post about it a few days ago and I went to all my books on Amazon and took a screen shot of all the reviews on all of my books. Better to be safe than sorry if Amazon decides to remove any of them. I hope Amazon will give you back your reviewing abilities. That’s so unfair!


  2. Oh Honey it gets worst. Even though we have separate accounts – No two people living in the same home can submit reviews – nor can anyone I gift something to and use Amazon to send it directly to them. So if I read and review a book – send it to you from Amazon and you try to review it – you won’t be able to and my review will be removed. But Barnes and Noble seems really nice – they have been answering my questions all morning!


  3. I was banned from reviewing as well. Each time I try, it says that I’m biased and no longer allowed to post a review. I’m very disappointed.


  4. Jennie, so many are frustrated by this and have written letters to no avail. Two weeks ago I believe Amazon used its bots to remove many reviews. I lost three but was glad they were still on Goodreads which Amazon unfortunately owns.


  5. It is so sad to see stories like yours as Amazon is “trying to crack down on bot reviewers.” Really a lot of honest, passionate reviewers are getting caught in the crosshairs, and I cannot BELIEVE that they won’t even respond to their own customer service team. What disgusting business practices, especially since they seem totally fine with screwing over KU authors by not doing anything with bookstuffers.

    This is ludicrous. I am so sorry. Thanks for sharing what you learned, though – I will be sure to let people know about the household/loaning thing… it would be nice if that (moronic) policy were posted somewhere.


  6. Ugh. I’m so sorry to hear of this. Most of my fellow book reviewers don’t seem to even write reviews on the Amazon site anymore. It’s all about Goodreads reviews (which I’m hearing Amazon actually owns???), instagram, and blogs. I hope you eventually hear from someone in power at Amazon who understands the ridiculousness of their decision.


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