Services for Indie Authors

Check here to see a sample of the books I have edited. 


The edit will be for the complete story, character and plot development, transition ease, phrasing, and proofreading errors.  It can include an edit of the book summary.


  • Up to $300+ for less than 40K words
  • Starting at $400+ for over 40K-80K words
  • $500+ for over 80K words

         The fee range is based on the quality of the manuscript.  Contact me for an exact quote.

Beta Reading

This is a gut reaction to the story.  Can I see what you are trying to tell me?  Are the characters believable? Can I follow the plot or subplots? Are there any gaping holes? I will answer specific questions or concerns you may have as the author.

FEE:   Starting at $75 depending on the length and condition of the manuscript.  Contact me for an exact quote.


A read for grammar, typos, formatting errors – all those little things that can help a book be more polished.

FEE:  Starting at $100 for 80K words – Sliding scale available.


After being asked by several authors for help staying on schedule, I started this service.

This is a weekly check with authors to review their progress, brainstorm solutions to problems, writing block or any issues they are dealing with.

FEE:  $40 an hour


Guide for Specialty Book Blog Tours Hosted by bloggers:   Jenniereads,  JuliaPicks 1 and TheStayAtHomeDaughter

Book Tours can be wonderful and frustrating.  But, what if you, as an Indie Author, had a guarantee?  That’s what we have created for you.  We are three bloggers who vary from myself – to a retired teacher -to a mid-twenties Social Worker.  Our social media audiences also vary – a lot.  So here are the facts:

Authors – If you provide us with:

An edited and proofread book (by someone besides yourself): PDF, Mobi, or hard copy.

All your social media links.

And a total fee of $75 (see details below)

Each blogger will:

Read your book.  If we like it and would like to blog, I will be in touch to schedule a Blog Tour and request payment for the tour and social media coverage.  When that is complete, we will each post one Blog about your book (blogs will be posted on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday).

Provide multiple social media blasts on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook during blog days and periodically for 4 days after postings.

We will only blog one author/book per week with a maximum of 4 per month.  This allows us time to read and provide social media for days after the blog post.

Paper copies of books will be used as giveaways or passed on to other bloggers who agree to read and possibly review.

Reviews may be placed on Barnes & Noble & Goodreads.

Now here’s our Guarantee

Use the “contact me” form to tell us about your book and to check our availability.  If we agree to read your book and set a date, then you provide the book and pay a deposit of $10.  Once we read your book and confirm that we would like to blog we will set the dates our blogs will appear and the balance of $65 is due.  However, if after reading the book, the bloggers do not care for your book, or if for any reason we decide not to blog your book, you pay nothing past your deposit.

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