Tales From The Beach House by James Aylott

This book is a well-connected web of stories involving a motel turned apartment’s amusing and provocative residents.  At first, it reads like a collection of stories, each one from a different apartment but they quickly turn into the far-reaching stories of not just the residents, but the area and the “outside” lives of each character. … Continue reading Tales From The Beach House by James Aylott

Reblog from Aaron S Gallagher

This just appeared today on Aaron's Site.  It totally cracked me up as I have been living at the edge of the Indie Author world for almost two years now.  I could have used this guidance many times!  Enjoy! https://www.aaronsgallagher.com/single-post/2018/08/06/The-Care-and-Feeding-of-an-Indie-Author The Care and Feeding of an Indie Author August 6, 2018 Congratulations on your acquisition … Continue reading Reblog from Aaron S Gallagher