The Crane and The Wolf by J. Darris Mitchell

I’m almost embarrassed to say that I have never watched that British Baking show but have seen a few others (might be slightly addicted to Worst Cooks in America – I know my kin!). However between the cover illustration and the description, I happily plunged into this humorous fantasy/fiction. Plus, the author was kind enough to sign it with a personalized cake drawing – I am a sap for the personal touch!

For centuries Lady Crane has baked delicacies to help the Wolf stay a man but she’s getting up there in age and knows the time has come to pass on this role to a younger generation. Enter the competition. Omad was one of my favorites as I could definitely use his particular skill in the kitchen, although I am probably more of an Opal with Carmen tendencies. 

This was a page-turner that had me chucking even through a few of the more macabre parts.

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On your marks…

Get set…


Join Opal, Carmen and Boffo as they compete in a baking competition the likes of which as never been seen in the free city!

For centuries, Lady Crane has carefully baked cakes, pastries and whatever else the Wolf craves on the full moon to stop his transformation into the Archipelago’s most bloodthirsty werewolf, but the time has come for her to hire an assistant.

If a baker can satisfy the Wolf three full moons in a row, the job is theirs, as is one of the mansions built at the very top of the hill and all the wealth and fame that comes with it.

If no baker can satisfy the Wolf, the enchantments on the doors to the mansion will keep the slaughter from spilling out of the kitchen and into the streets of S’kar-Vozi… hopefully.

With mouth-watering descriptions of full-moon feasts, action-packed egg-gathering, and more than a dash of the macabre, The Crane and the Wolf is the fantasy bake-off you might not have ordered, but will devour all the same!

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