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Middle Grade / Magical Realism / Fantasy

Publisher: Atmosphere Press

Page Count: 290 pages

Publication Date: November 22, 2021

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“Age never matters; these things are about bravery and heart.”

Thirteen-year-old Condi Bloom’s dream is to learn to surf, but her laid-back beach town isn’t what it used to be. Big resort owners are taking over the cove. Worse, someone’s harassing the Beachlings, the mysterious old women living in the cliffs off Windy Hollow, a lonely tower of rock that people say is haunted. When a new surfer boy named Trustin shows up in town and invites Condi to a forbidden surfing spot, she’s swept into an extraordinary underwater adventure, where a surprising encounter with Koan, the Riddlemaster of the Sea, changes her life. Along with Trustin, his quirky twin and a mystical aquamarine surfboard, Condi learns the untold stories of the Beachlings, uncovering the timeless secrets of Windy Hollow.

Ebbing and flowing between reality and magic, times past and present, The Aquamarine Surfboard by Kellye Abernathy is a riveting beach tale about opening up to mystery, building community when and where you can — and discovering the ocean is filled with magic—the really BIG kind—the kind that changes the world



Thirteen is such a tough age, especially for Condi. Living on the cusp of the ocean and not surfing is a daily disappointment. With a strong and determined Grandmother doing her best, Condi is surviving but does not feel as if she is thriving. Enter Trustin and life gets even more interesting. Suddenly surfing and daily new happenings are part of Condi’s life.

This story has a lot of moving parts that are all provocative. While Condi’s life may seem to be dealing with the day to day teenage girl issues, there are weightier issues occurring. The local homeless women – the Beachlings are being harassed, and the town she grew up in is changing in a negative direction. What was once important to the community is being led in a varied direction by new residents and visitors to the town. Shifting throughout all of this is a mystical occurrence happening under the surface of the ocean.

The author does a very nice job of wrapping up all these dangling ends into a comprehensive bow at the end, but the journey there is the best part as the reader tries to catch and connect those dangling parts of Condi’s life.

It’s books like this that make me wish I was back in my library. I know just the kids I would hand this one to. The ones that are reading above their grade level, reading a lot, and need something with more teeth in it – this is that book.

Kellye Abernathy’s passions are writing and serving trauma survivors as a yoga teacher and practical life skills advocate. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary English Education from the University of Kansas. Her home is in land-locked Plano, Texas—where she’s dreaming of her next trip to the sea!
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