Dream Job by Janet Garber

Dream Job

Fiction – Romance – Humor

            For some reason when I said I would read this book I thought it was non-fiction – What a pleasant surprise!  I have been reading non-fiction for most of the month and thought this was a different avenue – business – Little did I know how different.  Before this life I was in the corporate world and this book brought back all the wacky office politics with great laughs.  The personalities of the characters was what you find in a lot of offices once you break down the quirks.  I called a friend still in the corporate world and read her some paragraphs – she was laughing about how close it was to her life!  The fact that the main character is not a twenty-something (sorry but I can only handle so many of that) and there is romance with a guy who is not a twenty-something – PLUS PLUS from me.

           A fun, quick, enjoyable book!

Reviewed December 8, 2016

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