Leave Me by Gayle Forman

Leave Me


          You ever get a book – think you can’t wait to read this – and then it sits in your pile for a while.  Well, that was this book to me.  I got it as an Advanced Reader last April and it has been holding its place in my to be read stack of “real” books since then.  I should not have waited.

          A very quick 2 day read that was enjoyable and engaging from the first page.  The only way I would have enjoyed it more is if I had read it when my kids were younger.  I remember the overwhelming feeling, at times, of being in control (or out of control) of so much and thinking surely this must be my limit but then having even more piled on.  The main character in this book is going through all that and a heart attack until she yells stop and runs away from home.  Her analysis of her fears and those of others is a roller coaster of a wild ride and makes me glad I was able to run away along with her.

Reviewed March 11, 2017

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