Murder In The Dark by Kerry Greenwood

Murder in Dark#16 in the Miss Fisher Murder Mystery Series

           I have a confession –  Miss Fisher Mysteries was my first experience with binge watching on Netflix and I am addicted to the series.  I know that the book is always better than the movie/TV show but I was really hesitant this time.  When the book came up in my feed I thought – oh no I already have a visual of the characters and the setting, is this going to work?  Well YES and even better than I hoped.

           I love Phryne Fisher and her collection of characters even more now that I got an insider’s look into all of them.  The details and deeper knowledge of the personal quirks of Miss Fisher’s personality just makes her even more fun.  At a few times this book is a little closer to a R rating than the show but it is done in a tasteful and enjoyable (ok double entendre) way.  One of the real treats are the smaller characters and subplots that happen during the “Last Best Party”.  They kept me reading well into the night.

            Like any series jumping in at #16 could have been confusing but having watched the show everything was understandable.  I will definitely be looking for all the other books now that I know what a treat they are.

Reviewed – March 18, 2017

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