Written In Blood By Nathan Bush

Written Blood

Fiction Christian/Crime

           Wow Mind Blown and that’s all I am saying so as not to give away anything.  While this book says the genre is Christian/Crime I would say it is lighter on the Christian and deeper into the crime.  I do not believe there is anything in here that would make anyone uncomfortable who was not a Christian.

           Written with a neat and unique perspective – from a few points of view – it constantly keeps you guessing and trying to figure out not only the crimes but the main characters.  The title includes the sub of Foley Chronicles and I really cannot wait to read the next one.  I found myself easily vested into the story line and characters and wanting to know more.  An intensely engaging book from beginning to end.

           Only minor bummer was the hard to read back cover and over a dozen typos – and there may be more as I was not even looking for them – they just made my eye stumble.

Reviewed January 5, 2017

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