What You Wish For by Aaron S. Gallagher

What you WIshFiction

How is this book not on everyone’s radar?  This is one awesome story.  This local (Leander) author has created one formidable leap back in time (ok still my lifetime). Using believable characters, music and atmosphere the author weaves these in a trip back to the Philadelphia music world of the 1960’s and beyond. If you are into music that is a definite plus but even I – a non-musical person was carried away by the vivid descriptions of various music sessions. It made me feel the music in what I was reading. 

The author’s style of describing the scenes, environment and atmosphere were very realistic and striking. I could see them.  A nice touch were the chapter headings – each one being the name of a musician and the date of their death.  I was surprised by how many I remembered and also how long some of them have been gone.

Anyone who has ever struggled with being a good guy/gal will be able to sink into the story. My enjoyment may have also been helped in that I remember some of time period!

Some tightening up on the editing and this would be an easy 5 star book.

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