Second Acts by Teri Emory

Second Acts

This is the story about 3 friends.  Women who met in college and are still friends in their 50’s.  Each is different.  They have experienced the feminist era of their 20’s and chosen different paths.  But, they  have stayed supportive friends through it all.  The author did an excellent job of giving us enough insight into the brains and emotions of these women that the reader is able to engage.  Most chapters give you one women’s view and life but several times the weaving of their stories is what I really enjoyed.

What I really loved about this book was how relatable it was.  I am so tired of 50 year olds being portrayed as one-dimensional.  These woman, work, love, (even have sex!) and are productive in all aspects of their lives.  They are now approaching the “Second Act” of their lives with their feet firmly planted and their friendship supporting them.  It was easy for me to identify with each of them and feel their experiences as they did.  It’s definitely a – feel better after you read it – kind of book.

This book will be available for purchase as of September 26.

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