Deadly Secrets (Forever and A Night Book 3) by Lana Campbell

Deadly SecretsThis book has a little of everything.  It is a Vampire/Romance/Christian story.  All three of those elements are strong throughout the entire story.  The Christian element became particularly strong in the last 1/3 of the book.  It did intrigue me that the author created Vampires that were also strong Christians. Plus the publisher’s name is Zombie Cupcake Press – made me smile!

It was definitely an enjoyable book with only a minimum of glitches (4 typos) and a little disconnect with the plot.  I was left wondering how such a large number of vampires, who appear to live with humans, intermarry, have children and live hundreds of years, were not known by humans.  But, if you let your mind not get caught in the details (sometimes logical is not a good thing) there is a good story here.


Chelsie Peebles – an OB/GYN for vampires – is dying from stage four glioblastoma, and there is only one cure.  She must turn into a vampire herself. Keeping the devastating news from her vampire family, she researches her options for survival. But the realization is that she is going to die. In her desperation, she blackmails her clinic into aiding her through her life-altering transformation.

Asa Bradley, one of Chelsie’s partners, thinks she is crazy. But he has no idea she’s dying. He is, however, bewitched by her, and wants to know why she is hell-bent on becoming one of them. By invitation, he goes to see her sing at a Country and Western bar, and is instantly mesmerized by her angelic voice and seductive body.

Trouble is, the band’s singer, and Chelsie’s ex, Chad thinks she belongs to him. Dangerously possessive, he threatens to hurt her if Asa doesn’t back off.
Undeterred by a human, Asa romances Chelsie, gaining her trust and her affections. They inevitably lead him to discover Cheslie’s deadly secret.

Can Asa keep Chelsie safe from the maniacal Chad and get her the transformation she needs? Or will it be a race against time to see who kills her first; cancer, or her villainess ex?

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