Dragon Teeth by Michael Crichton

Dragon TeethThis book was published posthumously by the author’s wife.  Some reviewers have called it a prequel or basis for his later works such as Jurassic Park.  I have to admit that I was not a huge reader of Crichton’s books.  I had read some of his earlier books but once Jurassic Park appeared in the theaters, I did not read any more.  However this one caught my eye when I noticed it was being published 9 years after his death.  Books published posthumously make me curious.  I will probably never know the answer to my question of why was this book just sitting around for so long but I am glad it brought me back to reading Crichton’s works.

The story occurs in 1876 when the world and science are at a very different place.  The first dinosaurs have barely been discovered and science was still working on reasons for their possible existence.  The book follows a naive and sheltered young man, William on his adventure of following a paleontologist into the warring Wild West.  You would think digging bones during this time would be enough of a story but when William is separated from this team and left with the care of 1,000 pounds of bones, the adventure is just getting started.  There are numerous famous Wild West characters that make an appearance such as Wyatt Earp and General Custer who add to the color and realistic feel of the time.

This was a good read and if you live in the United States and would like a chance to win this copy – just make a comment on this blog.  I’ll be drawing a winner on February 28.

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4 thoughts on “Dragon Teeth by Michael Crichton

  1. Sounds like an interesting read! I’m a fan of historical fiction, especially during the 19th century, so this book has been on my reading radar.


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