It’ll Feel Better When It Quits Hurting (Okay Picture This ……) by Lisa Orban

Feel Better WhenI read this book because I had read and loved another book by this author; I’d Rather Starve Than Cook.  I really enjoyed that book and frankly it hit close to home for me as cooking is not my favorite activity.  However, this book is very different.  This is a memoir.

There were chapters I liked, chapters I didn’t like, ones that made me laugh and ones that touched my heart – so how do you rate a book like that?  And what can a reviewer say with this much variety in the story?  But then I thought, this is life – some days are good, some days are not.  And that is exactly what Lisa Orban is saying – this is her life.

The author puts herself out there by exposing her personal life as a child, teen and into her twenties.  The constant is the strong will of this woman in her quest to survive.  Unfortunately it takes almost dying until she realizes she has a strong survival instinct. So if you would like to travel along on a life’s journey, give this book a try.

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