Three-Fingered Jack Davis by D. J. Swykert

Three FingeredThis is a story of drugs, dealers, users and the world that surrounds them. While I expected a gritty, dark and dreary story this book has some positive light elements going through it.

The main character Jesse is a washed up 30 year old going nowhere fast. However when he meets Jack Davis (recently having a finger removed by a drug boss) his life changes in what you would think would be for the worst. But Jack is a little different when it comes to being a drug dealer. He has a bit of heart and a business mind. Jack and Jesse form a team that in any other industry would prove successful. While financially they do pretty well the basic problem is what they are doing is illegal and who they are dealing with are criminals. Thanks to a few people willing to treat dopers like people, Jack & Jesse fall into some lucky situations.

I did enjoy this story. It was definitely out of my normal reading choices and while a lot of bad things happen, it is the world of drugs, it was nice to see some positive for these characters.

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