The Mercer Street Murders: A Bennett & DeMarko Mystery by Aaron S Gallagher

Mercer AmazonThis is the 3rd book in this series and I have read them all.  I was pulled into the first one by the two main characters Toni & Harry.  Each living on the edge of their worlds but finding some peace with each other.  In this book, the characters have really come into their own.  Toni has left the life of being a prostitute, yet it still haunts her and Harry has settled into being the best PI and person he can be.

This author throws a lot at a reader.  The constant action of the main story line, as well as the intriguing smaller subplots, made for a quick and enjoyable read. This series reads a little like a puzzle.  The author gives you a piece of the puzzle and then another and slowly joins them together until you can see the whole picture.  That aspect kept me engaged for the entire book.

This may be considered a period piece (which roughly means I remember it well!) as the action all takes place before cells phones and internet when wit and intelligence were needed to be a good PI.

Spoiler Alert – It does end in a bit of a cliff hanger unlike the previous two – however I have heard the author is starting on the next one. Fingers crossed!


It’s been a long year for Harry DeMarko and Toni Bennett, Private Investigators but the pace shows no signs of slowing down with these cases on the horizon.

When a priest is killed with members of the mob in a drive-by shooting is it a case of wrong place at the wrong time?  His daughter isn’t convinced and hires Harry & Toni to investigate. The trail leads from the morgue to the church to the mob but the deeper they dig the murkier it becomes.

Meanwhile Cheddar, the local pimp, is back with a problem at a porn studio where a few of his girls have been working.  There’s property damage, equipment theft, and physical attacks – it’s clear someone wants the studio out of business.   At the same time, Mr. Dahli, at the local store has an issue with his nephew who is newly arrived in this country.   And it’s only Tuesday…

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