The Sweet Scent of Murder (#2) by Susan P. Baker

SweetScentThis wonderful cozy is set in the first city I lived in Texas – Houston.  I loved Houston (I know what you are thinking – why? But really I moved there in January when the state I left was covered in snow and it was 80 degrees in Houston.  Plus I made some incredible friends while I was there – so yes I love Houston!) and being able to visualize a lot of this story just made it that much richer for me.

The author is a retired Galveston judge and you can see her background in the details of this book.

The main character Mavis Davis (I know but it’s so corny it works!) is a PI and starts out trying to find a missing teen and ends up, in only the way the really good cozy’s work, trying to solve a murder.  This is one of those enjoyable reads that has enough wacky humor, people trying to help but making things more difficult and interesting characters to leave the reader feeling sated.

The author did a short recap/closure at the end.  She let the reader know what happened and how people ended up – which I enjoyed as I am always wondering after I turn the last page.  I hope to catch up with Mavis Davis or check out other books by this author – she has a few and you can see them here as well as get the first book in this series FREE!!!


Private Investigator Mavis Davis starts out searching for a missing girl as a favor to wacky Candy Finklestein, her half-day, high school worker, but the search soon becomes a search for a kidnapper and murderer when the missing girl’s brother also disappears and their father winds up dead. Because of her missteps, Mavis is implicated in the kidnapping and must solve the case to clear her name. Even her cop boyfriend, Ben, can’t help her this time–or rather, won’t. If Mavis can’t solve this caper, she’s facing a life sentence!

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