The Autopsy of Planet Earth by R. J. Eastwood



I had read the summary of this book and so was a little surprised at the “normal”ness of the beginning of this book.  It sets up like any book until the main character, Gabriel meets the alien and the alien came from left field.  I don’t want to give too much away but the alien is not what I expected.  The alien, Legna, has some very human characteristics and uses total logic to deal with humans.  I really wish I had read this with a Book Club because there were a lot of ideas and areas I would have liked to discuss as a group.  I’m going to beg my husband to read this because I NEED to talk to someone about the plans for helping our planet.

Well done and thought provoking – so find a buddy and read the book together!


When a single extraterrestrial arrives on Planet Earth and claims his race created mankind only to have abandoned them early in their evolution, a U.S. politician and a doctor are drawn into a world that extends beyond the Milky Way and become the first humans to go where no humans have gone before. Will the alien’s arrival save Earth from a destruction caused by the very society that relies on it for survival? Can humankind’s missteps, blindly repeated for millennia, be reversed? With uncanny insight, The Autopsy of Planet Earth delves into human consciousness at breakneck speed.


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