Shivers In the Night by 10 Authors of the Yukon Writers’ Society


This collection of short stories is the perfect read before Halloween.  Now as most of you already know I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to scary.  I read this collection, a few each day – only in daylight hours, when someone else was home and with music in the background to drown out any house noises.  And, it still scared the cr@p out of me!!!

This collection had it all from scary humans to ghosts, to creatures, to just plain eerie!  I will never look at a cat, spider or even a mother with a baby in the same way.  I am never going to court nor living in an old house! The variety of writing styles and concepts were all well done.  I saw a couple reviews saying this was a fun read – REALLY PEOPLE?????  Does not even matter that Halloween is still three weeks away – I’m good – I need nothing else to get me ready for the holiday.  Ok, maybe some peanut butter cups, but really that’s all.

Get the book, get ready for Halloween – but you were warned!!!

Find out more about this impressive group of authors and their book HERE – Yukon Writers’ Society


Eerie. Disturbing. Otherworldly.

Featuring ten original short stories, Shivers in the Night is the first anthology written by Yukon Writers’ Society members. Each original story embraces the art of suspense and terror with a knack for heart-pounding endings.

In Spinner’s Wheel, brace yourself for a tangled web of horror. While diving into A Pretty Facade, don’t be fooled by Maria’s perfect life. There’s more than just science at play in the Texas body farm in The Rotting. Old photographs and an odd cat lead Janie to a house with a hair-raising secret. And Mr. Sweaters’s Gift isn’t a gift at all.

Shivers in the Night sends you to the darkest corners of your mind and keeps you awake well into the night.

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