Foam on the Crest of Waves by Silke Stein


I have been reading some good stories lately, but this book reminded me what reading a truly wonderful story feels like.  It was a pleasure to rate this one 5 stars.

Have you ever wandered a trail and around each curve found something new, interesting or beautiful?  That was this book.  The characters (even the minor ones) were well crafted and breathing human beings.  Each twist of the story kept me bound and mesmerized.

The Fairy Tale base along with the clever storyline kept me reading well into the night.  I felt like I was riding along with Jeremy as he tried to carry on his life and deal with his now mute daughter.  I felt Gina’s frustration and despair.  Even characters I did not like (sorry Zoe!), I felt emotion as I read.

When looking for symbols in writing, this is definitely a case of much more going on below the surface kind of the life of a mermaid.

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A sparkling modern twist on the classic Little Mermaid tale that explores love, loss, and second chances.

Can facing the past transform the present?

In a small fishing town on the Mendocino coast, the tides of time have washed over rumors and suspicions, yet the members of a maimed family still struggle to cope with their memories.

A broken woman, refusing to let go of her vanished husband.
Her widowed brother, clinging to the shatters of the life he loved.
His delusional daughter, planning to turn mermaid on her fifteenth birthday.

But when a young man realizes he made a mistake, secrets start emerging from the deep.
Will they bring further grief, or possibly redemption?

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