The Gilded King (Sovereign #1) by Josie Jaffrey

gildedIf you want to get totally lost in a book, this would be a good one to jump into.  There are several main characters and all of them are very well developed.  There are several plot lines running concurrently and they are also well developed.  And that’s not all as there are several subplots that weave their way through the story.  This story is set in the future but with a medieval feel.  Adding to the fantasy are eternal characters, zombies, humans, and vampires just to name a few.

However, at times I did get lost and not a good way.  The many subplots, characters and variety of situations seemed overwhelming at times and I lost the main thread of the story.  Also, I was not thrilled with the ending as it left every storyline incomplete – no closure just all cliffhangers.  So while this may not be the best book for me, I can see the value in the story – so grab a compass (metaphorically) and jump in you might enjoy being lost. Oh and have the next book ready because you will not want to pause.

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In the last city on Earth, death is just a step into the trees.
In the Blue, the world’s last city, all is not well.
Julia is stuck within its walls. She serves the nobility from a distance until she meets Lucas, who believes in fairytales that her world can’t accommodate. The Blue is her prison, not her castle, and she’d escape into the trees if she didn’t know that contamination and death awaited humanity outside.

But not everyone in the Blue is human, and not everyone can be contained.
Beyond the city’s boundaries, in the wild forests of the Red, Cameron has precious little humanity left to lose. As he searches for a lost queen, he finds an enemy rising that he thought long dead. An enemy that the humans have forgotten how to fight.
One way or another, the walls of the Blue are going to come down. The only question is what side you’ll be on when they do.

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