Write to Heal: Seven Women, Seven Triumphs, Collected by Dr. Karen Maxfield-Lunkin

WritetoHealI am always amazed at people who can open themselves up and share so much of their lives on paper for the world to see.  These seven women are incredible, not only in their stories but in their strength and ability to allow the reader an opportunity to step into their worlds and at the same time, strengthen themselves.

This was an intense read, because of the stories, and one of those books that you need to read and pause before continuing to the next chapter.

One of the authors, Kimberly Holiday, gave me this book and reinforced my belief in signs.  I was attending a luncheon when the host suggested I meet Kim.  As I told her what I do, she reached into her bag and pulled out this book.  She wasn’t sure why she had put it in her bag that morning but now knew it was meant for me.  As the goosebumps formed, I accepted her gift, not realizing at the time what a true gift it is.

I will never again look at a butterfly and think fragile – only strength!


The seven courageous women in this book discovered the healing power of writing in the stories we tell. The result – we not only found personal healing, but each of us also found forgiveness, mercy, grace, and gratitude in the middle of the adversities we lived. You will be inspired to embrace, tackle and triumph over your own adversities as you read each page. The Write to Heal method used in this book, a first in its series, is a balm for women writers that will surely be emulated for years to come.

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