Binding Fate (The Fates Align Series #1) By Alyssa Rose

BindingThis is the start of what could be a sweet series for middle school and older readers.  The book lacks some needed polish, but the story is one that will capture the heart of most young readers.  There is some mention of magical ability, but it is rarely experienced for the reader to get a good understanding of the extent of what the magic or powers can do.

Decent characters and a somewhat familiar storybook plotline would be enjoyable for young readers.

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Can it be enough to save her?
Alzerion never felt such agony, such uncertainty, such heartache. This would be the hardest life-changing decision yet, but what could be done? He vowed to protect Princess Aironell, but at what cost? Torn…will he set aside long-held loyalties to the Crown and give in to the Rebellion, or will his fate be aligned with the Crown’s forever?

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