Kau D’varza: A story in the ChaosNova universe By Dave Noe


After reading a book I usually check the reviews.  With this book, a reviewer commented that they felt like a fly on the wall.  That was a very accurate description.  The scenes from the various ships and during battles made me feel like I was there.  The quick dialogue between characters also helps with the pace of the action.

I had a minor issue with the personality of the main character Elise but I feel like it was my issue and not the author’s portrayal of the character.

This is a longer book, which gives the reader plenty of time to get into the story, hang out and enjoy what is happening.

Learn more about this author HERE.


Even in the vastness of space, trouble finds a way.

When Elise Rivera arrived on Kau D’varza, a distant station near an anomaly known as the Void Cloud, she’d hoped to escape the troubles of her homeworld. Now, the appearance of a mysterious freighter places her new home under threat; a threat that Elise – along with station commissioner Gierre Nevos, his aide Specialist Kaska Stone, and a team led by Commander-Captain Joseph Raffa – must race against time to avert.


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