Substitute Soloist – An Andy Veracruz Mystery Book 4 by D. R. Ransdell


Having recently finished the third in this series I happily jumped into #4.  I have read this whole series, and while the first three were somewhere slightly above a Cozy in the mystery department, this book is solidly in the Mystery genre.

The author has added a lot of depth to not only the main character, Andy but also to the story.  The reader is given enriched backgrounds and moments of surprise in the way they present character reactions.  At the same time, none of the charms of Andy were lost.  This was a nice enhancement to what I think is already a great series.

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A reckless concertmaster, a determined conductor, and a priceless violin turn Andy Veracruz into a substitute soloist. Desperate to keep his new music job, mariachi violinist Andy agrees to chase after a runaway concertmaster accused of murder. He poses as a soloist, but what happens when the other musicians realize he’s a fraud?

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