The Complete Revision Workbook For Writers – Tools for a Polished Novel By Arielle Haughee


I won this book to pass on to one of my very new to craft authors.  It looked like it could be helpful.  But before passing it on I decided to read it myself.   I’m glad I did because this is now going on my recommendation list for all new and even some experienced writers.

The book is divided into an overview of an area of the novel followed by step by step instructions and then workbook pages that you can use for your specific manuscript.  It makes the entire revision process not only easy but also possible to accomplish.

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You’ve finished your draft, now what? Maybe this is your first time and you have no idea how to tackle the revision process. Or maybe you already started and became lost or overwhelmed. You may be on your tenth book but something about this one in particular is causing you trouble. Whatever the project, The Complete Revision Workbook for Writers has the tools you need to go from messy draft to polished novel. In this workbook, you’ll find: A systematic approach to the revision process; Tips for staying motivated and on track Guides for evaluating your draft and determining weaknesses; Charts of common problems and solution ideas; Tools for problem-solving a number of issues; A list of resources for in-depth topical information; Pages for obtaining and evaluating feedback from critique partners and editors; A comprehensive Revision Plan section to map out your course. This workbook includes numerous guides aimed at all angles of revision. Writers can pick and choose what they need within these pages tailored to their individual needs. Whether a new or veteran author, The Complete Revision Workbook for Writers has the tools to help any novel become a finalized manuscript.

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