Ming the Merciless by Ralph Rotten


When I saw the author’s tag line on the cover was “Another steaming pile of crap from Ralph Rotten” and since I already read two other piles (books!) from this author, I grabbed this one.

While Ralph describes himself as a degenerate asshole, I only see a riveting author who tells brilliant tales.  With twists and angles that I could not imagine, this humorous tale has me considering a re-read.  Now a re-read might not sound like a big deal to you, but I have probably only re-read 6 books in my entire life.

The author’s summary includes the line “Laugh out loud at the story you thought you knew.”  This, while not a true spoiler, gives you insight into the author’s unique style.  I highly recommend this book and it is receiving one of my rare 5 stars.

Lucky for you today is release day so check out the author’s site below and get yours.  If you have the A company’s Unlimited you can also read it for free – but it’s worth the price!

For more steaming piles from this author CLICK HERE!


Surrounded by an army of minions, killer-bots, and super-powered arch-villains, Ming rules the galaxy with an iron fist. In this universe where Supers battle Arches every night on prime-time TV, the fate of humanity itself hangs in the balance. But things take a strange turn when Ming kidnaps ace-reporter Polly Purehart and her hapless cameraman Dave. Forced to do Ming’s bidding, Dave & Polly quickly find out that Ming is not at all what he appears to be.

As Dave & Polly strip away the layers of Ming’s legend, things go awry in this hybrid story where 1930’s cinema collides with modern culture. In a wild mash-up of genres, this extra-pulpy tale will make you laugh out loud at the story you thought you knew.

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