Iron and the Arrow: Book Four in the Kingdom of Jior Series by Wendy L. Anderson

51NpFUd-Q1L._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Having read all of this series, so far (the last book, Five being anxiously anticipated), it is always a joy to return to the land of Jior created by Wendy Anderson.  This author has a way of weaving what at the base is a family saga into a love story that crosses all the barriers often experienced in fantasy works.  From the incredible steamy scenes to the enriched relationships, this book and series have everything to keep me reading and, at the same time, transport me into Jior.

I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with this author as she attended the Texas Book Festival this year.  Ms. Anderson is a bright star on the Indie Author scene and is just as charming and lovely as her characters.

For more about this author and the entire series, CLICK HERE.


The Kingdom of Jior is a wild and tumultuous place carved from hard granite and black crystal and found deep in the heart of the Violent Mountains. Storm Rider, the untamed grandson of the King of Jior, can call the winds, tame the lightning, and soar with the thunder. Meurie, a half-human, half-Ny-Failen, has traveled from her home in the Violent Mountains to the streets of Jior to witness for herself the mythical Ny-Failen. When her path intersects with Storm Rider, he goes after her with a single-minded purpose and will stop at nothing to make her his, and take this wingless girl with him to ride the storms.A mysterious man barges his way into the nineteenth-birthday celebration for Mercy Rose, daughter of Jagged Edge and Princess Lyra Song. He is on a desperate mission and asks Queen Lililaira to travel through the most dangerous passes of the Violent Mountains to far away Hoarfrost Range. The Ny-Failen of Jior must set aside their fears and prejudices against him as he begs for the healing of a young innocent who lays dying. The truth has yet to be revealed if this man is Ny-Failen or one of demon-kind! Unexpectedly, Mercy Rose is asked to accompany the Queen on this mission fraught with danger. When secrets are revealed, lies uncovered and wonderful magic revealed Mercy Rose is faced with the biggest decision of her life, to give her heart to this stranger or possibly lose her soul?When the Gray King comes to the grand hall of Jior and asks for an arranged marriage between his son and one of King Lorn’s granddaughters, it is met with less than cheerful acceptance. Forced into taking a king’s blood oath to go through with the marriage contract, King Lorn has ten years in which to find a way to thwart the Gray King. After the ten years pass, the Gray King’s son appears at the gates of Jior and King Lorn must face unexpected consequences. Rain Song is the only granddaughter of King Lorn who can marry the Gray King’s son and while the Ny-Failen of Jior fight the curse of the marriage contract, she decides to take her own path. Defying her father Jagged Edge, and her grandfather King Lorn, she faces black sorcery and risks everything to follow her heart.

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