Rebecca – A Way Back: Volume 2 by Stephen M. Davis – 2019 Winner Book Talk Radio Club

BTRC 2019 WinnerFor the last few years, the Book Talk Radio Club from the UK has awarded the top book in genres and an overall winner.  This year Rebecca was the overall winner.  I always look forward to this list and this year’s winner once again was a pleasure read.

While this is the second book, I read it first, and the author did a nice job of keeping the reader informed of events that had an impact on this book.  (However, I did sneak in the first book too after this read – it was also a pleasure!)

If you are a lover of time travel, especially set in the modern-day, this is the perfect read for you.  The author does a nice job conveying the experiences of this young woman.  The main character, Rebecca travels for a variety of reasons, places and times but all with one common thread – to right a wrong.

This book was a winner in all definitions of the word.

FYI – the dialogue and a lot of the book, is written in very proper British English.  While I had no trouble enjoying the story, at times it felt foreign to my American ear.

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Setting – Modern Day
Rebecca is a little older now and after her first year at University, common sense rears its head a little too often for her liking. She finds herself applying rational thinking to all that life offers, and this includes her previous meetings with Meredith and the information within the three boxes.
What university could not teach her was how to prepare herself for what is about to happen. Again, all balanced thinking is going to tumble into a world beyond common sense.

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