The Dime Box by Karen Grose

Dime Box

An abusive father dying of cancer appears to die prematurely after a visit with his victim, his adopted daughter.  What continues is a series of interviews that take the reader back into Greta’s life and her adopted mother’s.  Greta feels that if she can understand where she came from, she can understand who she is.

In the tradition of the phrase, be careful what you wish for, this book takes you down the winding paths of Greta’s life.  Bit by bit more is revealed as to why Greta has trouble remembering or has chosen not to remember until being questioned.  With a determined Police Detective and Greta’s insistence on telling the whole “why” of her story, I was engaged from the first page.

This was a riveting read that kept my nose in the book.  I was left with some questions as the author gives tiny peeks into some of the smaller character’s lives and being a curious person, I now want to know more about Colleen and Detective Perez and their motivations.

I think this is one of those books that can lead to some great conversations.  For example, what did the Dime Box represent?  I felt like it could be so many things.  So consider reading the book – and then let me know what you think.  The author even provides Book Club Discussion Questions HERE.

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Buried secrets lie closest to the heart.

Greta Giffen barely escaped being murdered by the man she grew up with. She’s not sure who Ian is, or who she is, but she’s determined to find out. When she bolts from their secluded cabin in northern Ontario and flees to Toronto, her new life comes at a price. Ian dies under suspicious circumstances and a veteran detective believes eighteen-year-old Greta has the perfect motive.

A prime suspect in a tense police investigation, Greta finds it hard to make Detective Astra Perez believe the details of her dark and appalling story. Digging deep into her sordid history and forced to face the people from her past in a new light, Greta struggles to accept the secrets that have haunted her since childhood. Still, Detective Perez remains doubtful. And until Greta herself confronts the disturbing evidence in front of her, she will never truly escape that cabin in the woods.



4 thoughts on “The Dime Box by Karen Grose

    • Thrilled you want to recommend The Dime Box to your book club. Thank you so much! Should you wish to use them, there are bookclub discussion questions on my website at and I’m happy to Skype or FaceTime into your meeting to meet everyone!
      I hope you all enjoy Greta’s story. Best, Karen

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