Clara Young Series: Book 1 – The Murder In Stall #4 and Book 2 – The Murder in the Precinct by Renee Marski

IMG-1040This is a combined review because I had the pleasure of reading the first 2 books in this series.

Are you a Veronica Mars fan?  If so, then Clara Young will be right up your alley.  Young, and growing up in an atmosphere of police procedure, she has a good idea of how to approach a mystery.  That along with a curious and logical mind, helps her solve some local murder mysteries.  The first book sets the stage as Clara has just moved with her family for her senior year and there is a ready-made whodunit right in her new school.  The second book picks up almost a year later when Clara has moved to be near her boyfriend and to start college but a gap semester gives her plenty of time to be a police intern.  Similar to Ms. Mars, people just seem to want to help Clara and give her access to a lot of information that normally would not be available.  Clara doesn’t always make the perfect choices in her quest to solve the mystery but that works for this character and gives the reader a chance to be a sleuth right along with her.

I would be very comfortable suggesting this to readers in high school and beyond.

If you would like to receive a paperback of these two books and live in the United States, just comment below to enter for a chance to win them.  Drawing on Monday, Feb 24 at 8 am CT.

For more about this author and all her works CLICK HERE.


Book 1 – Starting a new high school your Senior year shouldn’t be that difficult. But throw in a moody younger sister having trouble fitting in, a four year old murder in the bathroom stall at school, and a handsome new guy, and life can get complicated. At least, it did for Clara Young, as she struggles to make friends, graduate high school, and make sure that the people closest to her don’t become the target of a serial killer the town didn’t even know they had. Good thing she’s been paying attention to her dad all these years as he does his job as a Sheriff. Can Clara stop the murderer before he takes the life of another victim? Will anyone even believe that there is a serial killer in the first place? Leave it to Clara to get to the bottom of the mystery plaguing her new town.

Book 2 – Clara finds herself bored after moving halfway across the country to be with Anthony. Unable to start college right away, she decides to take matters into her own hands and see if there is anything she can do to pass the time. After searching the internet, she finds an unsolved murder that happened right there in the town’s own precinct. Volunteering as an intern, Clara tries to solve the murder of the previous intern. Can she figure out who did it? Can she find out who the mole is that’s been deleting all the evidence files? And can she figure it all out before the killer decides she’s a threat and needs to go?IMG-1040

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