The Haunting of Matthew Keys & A Hitman Walks into a Bar (Book Two) The Castle Chronicles by Michael S. Vassel

You know that tingle you get and you don’t know where it came from.  Or that sense that something is going on that you cannot see.  Well this author takes those and creates a world that quickly pulls you in.  Sometimes paranormal is not an enjoyable read for me, but with this author, the intense world he has created in his books maneuvered me along to where it felt as if it was real.

In The Haunting of Matthew, the main character is dealing with grief but his path through loss ends up taking a twist and being something else entirely.

In the second book of the Castle Chronicles Series, A Hitman Walks Into a Bar, a conversation in a bar leads to the sharing of a wonderful story.  But sometimes stories are more than just a story.

Looking for a unique read?  This could be it – with two books for even more enjoyment.

For more about this author and all their books, CLICK HERE.


Haunting of Matthew Keys

Tortured in the present, haunted by his past.

After losing his wife, Samantha, in a horrible accident, it takes several months for Matt to realize his friends and family are right. He needs to move on with his life. He needs to let the past be the past.

Reluctant but resolute, Matt takes their advice. But, from the moment he steps back into the dating world, bizarre incidences start happening around him. Objects throughout his house are inexplicably damaged. His car’s tires are mysteriously slashed. A pitcher of water abruptly flies across a table at him. And people he cares about are being seriously injured.

Adding to these occurrences is the sudden appearance of his wife’s perfume throughout his house – the place he used to call their home.

Tormented by these manifestations, and troubled by haunting nightmares, Matt feels he is not alone. He knows, deep down, that his love has not left this world.

Are his feelings mistaken? Is his wife truly trying to harm him? Or is it something else; a malicious entity trying to end his life?


A Hitman Walks into a Bar

Sometimes a simple question can lead to the darkest of places.

After announcing his retirement to his friends at a local bar, Mike is unexpectedly left to celebrate alone. As boredom sets in, he notices the bar’s only other patron – a man in a grey suit sitting at the other end of the room.

Taking a seat next to the stranger, Mike introduces himself in hopes of striking up a conversation. As their dialog ensues, Mike asks a seemingly harmless question.

“So, my friend, what do you do for a living?”

Mark Castle, the dark figure beside him, gives a hint of a smile as he replies, “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

Intrigued by this answer, Mike persists. Eventually Mark gives in. “Well, if you must know, I’m a hitman … and for the price of a beer or two, I’ll tell you my story.”

Fascinated and wanting to know more, Mike agrees to this deal. The question is, will the story be worth it … or will the telling of the tale be more than he’s bargained for?

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