Tattoo by Michele Rene


What if your whole history of misdeeds and bad judgments appeared on your skin?  And what if someone appeared with no markings?  Giving the reader a lot to think about, Michele Rene takes us into a world where the unknown causes most people to react negatively.  A multilayered read that I’d love to have discussions about.  I really need to get a few fellow readers to read this!  Intriguing and entertaining with a dose of spiritual fantasy.

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A mysterious young woman appears in a cynical age. Why is she here … and will she survive long enough to achieve her purpose?

Judgment Day was not as advertised. Instead of fire and wrath, our histories suddenly began to appear as tattoos on our skin. No one could hide their past deeds anymore, unless they visited an illegal tattoo artist, who could replace their sins with unmarked skin.

Years later, a young woman appears, entirely unmarked. No one knows what her appearance means, but a small band of people find themselves drawn to her, ready to set off on a quest whose purpose is as unknown as the young woman’s past.

A 2018 Foreword INDIES Finalist


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