Making March by Hayley Walsh


Finding good books to read on Kindle Unlimited can be a challenge, however add this one to your ‘to be read’ pile as it will entertain you!

The main character Kate, can be easily relatable for those past their 30’s and still trying to figure it all out.  At times the book gets a little rambling, but that can be to the amusement of the reader.

This book was not my cup of tea in that the main character viewed a lot of her life in a negative way.  While some sections I felt like I could laugh along with the character, in others, I was bogged down by her use of every cliché available.

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Kate feels old, alone, and regrettably round. It’s the first of February, and today also happens to be her fortieth birthday.

This month, she must survive a pending divorce, raising her offspring spawn from Satan, her best friend’s wedding, a fellow bridesmaid from hell, a cat show, multiple humiliating dress fittings, and her meddling mother.

Can she make it to March with her sanity intact?

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