Lucia’s War by Susan Lanigan

LuciaBeing released TODAY, this historical fiction read was just what I needed to escape.  A secret has caught up to the main character, Lucia, and an interview of her ‘true story’ kept me quickly swiping pages to figure out the secret and how Lucia survives.  This author did a nice job of taking you into the atmosphere of London, as well as the time period that Lucia is experiencing.  An all around good read that reminded me how much I love Historical Fiction.

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For fans of Andrea Levy and Sebastian Barry, the latest gripping saga from Susan Lanigan

London, 1949. Opera singer Lucia Percival is due to perform her last concert. But she has no intention of going onstage. A terrible secret from the First World War has finally caught up with her.

London, 1917. Lucia, a young Jamaican exile, hopes to make it as a musician. But her past haunts her, and when she meets Lilian, an old woman damaged by war, she agrees to a pact that could destroy everything she has fought so hard for.

From the Western Front and Glasgow, to black society in London, Lucia’s story tells a tale of music, motherhood, loss and redemption.

From the author of White Feathers, a passionate, compelling wartime romance shortlisted for the Romantic Novel of the Year in 2015, comes a new novel telling a compelling story of music, motherhood, race and war.


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