Feeling Good: Living Low Toxin in Community and Everyday Life by Cheryl Meyer

A few years ago I obtained this author’s book, It Feels Good To Feel Good, Learn to Eliminate Toxins.  I still have it on my shelf, refer to and recommend it often.  When I heard she was publishing this next book, I was first in line.

This book expands beyond her first book to children, pets, travel, etc.  It really encompassed living toxin-free in the world.  Once again, this author has spent an exorbitant amount of time researching each of her subjects.  She presents clear and concise steps that anyone can use to adjust your lifestyle. She also provides incredible resources for you to dig even deeper or to keep yourself updated on the latest information.

I, for one, have changed my dog’s food and apologized to him with organic carrots (he loves them!)  This is a book to invest in, keep on the shelf and refer to often.  You are worth it!

I also highly suggest signing up for her newsletter and keeping up with her on social media. She always helps me remember to stay safe.

For more about this author CLICK HERE.


Where is the magic pill in the time of the Pandemic?

I understand that you are scared that your body will not be able to resist the virus. I understand that you are terrified that your family might get this disease.

Are you already immune vulnerable? How frustrating it is to feel lousy all the time and have pain and be scared. And now, in this time,are you losing hope that there is a solution?

Imagine finding the “magic” pill that will erase your misery and keep you and your loved ones safe. Imagine feeling great and knowing that you are living a life that best protects you and your family.Imagine not worrying anymore about your health.

Is there a magic pill?  It is not a pharmaceutical. It is not an over the counter drug

Protect your body and your family by implementing the tips in a new book Feeling Good Living Low Toxin in Community and Everyday Life.Boost your immune system today so that you and your family have a healthy defense system and feel great.

What creates health?

You will discover that Its eating whole organic foods of all the colors of the rainbow and why. Its eliminating processed and fast foods from your diet. Whether you cook at home, go out to restaurants, go to friends or family’s homes, or travel, its staying true to low toxin real food and a low toxin life.

This book will show you how.  It is lowering your stress with short exercises and finding joy through gratitude. Its practicing daily self-care.  It is raising healthy children in a country where over 50% have chronic illness. It is keeping them safe from disease.  Its discovering how to be a great pet guardian in a toxic world.

Try my tips for 90 days and feel the difference.  Health must start with healthy habits.  Utilizing these tips will allow your body to return to feeling good and then to celebrate. As you learn to listen to your body, it will make implementing these tips so worthwhile. And living a healthy life solves a multitude of health issues and gives your body a strong foundation to thrive. These tips will boost your defense system and keep you, your children and your pets healthy.

If you have a chronic illness, incorporating healthy habits will be a giant step towards wellness. Implementing these tips will fortify you and your family against pandemic diseases and chronic illnesses. And best of all, you will start to feel great again.

Do you want to grow old with dementia and illness and pain, or do you want to thrive until the end? These tips will allow you to grow old with grace and to prosper. I have a chronic illness, and these are all keys to health that I discovered and implemented to return to health.

My first book, It Feels Good to Feel Good, Learn to Eliminate Toxins, Reduce Inflammation and Feel Great Again pulls the curtain operand exposes where all the toxins that are ruining our health exist and what to replace them with. That book has won 14 awards. But living low toxin is more complicated. We do not live in an isolated bubble; we live in a community. We do not choose the ingredients used in restaurants, and we want to enjoy socializing with friends and family who are still eating the Standard American Diet. We travel and have choices for food that we did not prepare and do not control.

Feeling Good, Living Low Toxin in Everyday Life gives you the blueprint to maintain a healthy life.

It is never too late to start making health-conscious choices.  Take care of your body and teach your child to follow your example so that you all have a happy place to live.

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