Demon Dusted By C E Turner

Rarely do the words Fun and Demon go together, but they do when referring to this book.  When Dean’s eyes land on Myth, little does he realize that his entire world is taking a left turn. Written with a bit of tongue in cheek humor and a lot of action, this book was an entertaining page-turner.  If you like your magical stories with a combination of never knowing where it’s going and realistic characters – here’s the book for you. 

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Dean is Demon Dusted. He is part human, part demon and he uses sex to keep his demon at bay. Tonight his eyes land on a blonde and he chooses her for his nightly release. His choice is Myth and she wants a lot more than sex from Dean. She wants to know what he is and if he could be the answer to her prayers? Someone who could save her from those seeking to kill her or worse turn her dark. And should Myth go dark it would be the end of humanity… Can Dean be the hero Myth is looking for?

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