Power (The WP Trilogy Book 2) by Bharat Krishnan

Having enjoyed the first book in this Trilogy I was pleased to see the author was keeping to his quick schedule of releasing all 3 books in this Trilogy in 3 months.

The author allows the reader to skillfully leap from Rakshan’s politically fueled world in D.C. to Sadiya’s personal life in India.  Continuing the story of W.P. and it’s impact on various people and segments of society, I quickly read this book in 2 days (I did have to work!).

As experts are brought into the story, I got a better understanding and could see to the correlation of W.P. with the “real” world’s issues. 

If you read it, please let me know as I would love to discuss the book and the implications. 

For more about this author and all their books, CLICK HERE.

This book will be released on November 16, 2020 – Preorder Here.


Rakshan has W.P., what he’s always wanted, so then why isn’t he happy? While he continues to search for a way to win Sadiya back, he finds himself a victim to political machinations beyond his control. As a presidential race gets underway amidst the backdrop of hearings to legalize WP, Rakshan finds that the deeper he gets involved in D.C. politics, the more his life unravels.

The W.P. Trilogy continues with this political thriller that stretches from the Oval Office and Senate hearing rooms of Washington, D.C. to Bangalore, India.

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