A Sew Deadly Cruise by Lois Winston

This is a book from the Anastasia Pollack Crafting Mystery Series.  While I had not read any of the others in this series, I happily followed this one.  I won this book in an author giveaway and what a treat it turned out to be.

I do love a good cozy and this book checked all the boxes! Anastasia is a fun character who has had many challenges in her life – including but not limited to a mother who likes to get married.  The story has satisfying closure but left enough outstanding that I wanted to know more.

The book also included craft instructions at the end for the crafts Anastasia taught on the cruise.  Do get your read or craft or both on – and enjoy.

For more about this author and all her books, CLICK HERE.


Life is looking up for magazine crafts editor Anastasia Pollack. Newly engaged, she and photojournalist fiancé Zack Barnes are on a winter cruise with her family, compliments of a Christmas gift from her half-brother-in-law. Son Alex’s girlfriend and her father have also joined them. Shortly after boarding the ship, Anastasia is approached by a man with an unusual interest in her engagement ring. When she tells Zack of her encounter, he suggests the man might be a jewel thief scouting for his next mark. But before Anastasia can point the man out to Zack, the would-be thief approaches him, revealing his true motivation. Long-buried secrets now threaten the well-being of everyone Anastasia holds dear. And that’s before the first dead body turns up.

Craft projects included.

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