To Walk In The World (Twin Tales of Inception) by Winnie Winkle

When the author said this book turned into a love letter to women everywhere, I had no idea the impact it would have on me.  Rarely does a book knock the breath out of me and jolt my mind and heart as this one did.  This author has insightfully created a story of the inner struggle those of us who have suffered grief have as they try to heal and return to “normal.” This book was written by the author’s heart.

There were so many pages where I said to myself – “This is me” – “I have felt this” – “I have lived this.”  This is a book where you will need to not only open your mind but open your heart as well.  One of the most impactful reads I have had in a very long time.

If you are a woman, you must read it.  If you are a man or anyone else, just read it. Go buy it – it’s going to be my #1 recommended read for the year.

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Unpacking life’s chaos and circles isn’t always a choice.

Before breaking, she considered the edge of normal an ideal — cluttered with the screw-ups who couldn’t handle life. Now she’s engaged in a bonkers conversation with her heart and mind as she and her mental miscreants scrabble through a facetious struggle to figure out life after loss.

She soon discovers leaping from ‘normal’s cliff’ is a sloppy free-fall of rebirth loaded with cosmic oddities and ludicrous miscues. Standing on her edge, she wonders whether living beyond the boundaries is worth the cost of stepping off the abyss into the unknown. She’s about to find out.

Discover what happens in this unique, insightful story about when your mind breaks and you have to learn the true meaning of living.

Author’s note: When my fingers first hit the keyboard in late 2017 I had no idea the adventure ahead. This book morphed into a love letter to my mother, to myself, and to woman everywhere, ones who examined their lives and said:

“I can be more. In fact, I’m called to change, and I have to answer.”

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