King of the Wicked (The Banished Series, Book 1) by T. R. Hamby

This is the first book in a series that already has the next two books available, so a big plus for those of us who like to know we don’t have to wait to keep reading!  There is the average amount of set up for the reader to get into the worlds of the characters.  There is a nice weave of basically what appears to be four major characters for this book. There was enough closure with this book that the cliffhanger of the last page did not leave me frustrated but rather curious to see what happens next. 

Being a huge Lucifer (TV Series) fan I was intrigued by the angel brother aspect. However, it is not a repeat but rather a different angle and the two stand-out characters, Mel and Nora more of a couple.  I was slightly bothered by the initial immaturity of Nora as she is mid-twenties on her own in not her native country, but she developed nicely.   

All in all a very good read that kept me entertained. 

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A powerful Angel banished by God.

Mel King is an Angel, banished to Earth long ago for falling in love with a human. Now, based in the city of Rome, he hunts and kills evil mortals on God’s behalf. He knows he can never love again. That time is long over. But then Nora appears, and everything changes.

Nora Rossi is just trying to start her singing career when she witnesses Mel King commit a terrible act. Now she can’t seem to get away from him…or his ridiculous Angel story. How far will they go before he finally tells her the truth?

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