The Watermelon Pump by Gretchen Rix

A cantankerous owner of a small town newspaper named Dearie Darling who has a pet chicken – what more do you need? I loved this character! And all the others that populate this story.  I could hear the Texas twang in the dialogue, taste the grape jelly beans, feel the rumble of the frequent train, smell the ammonia of the chicken poo and even see the characters’ expressions.  I do love a good Texas yarn and this is one.  It’s a quick read and perfect if you just want something you can enjoy!

While this is in the Teen/YA genre, as someone slightly (cough, cough) older than that it kept me amused and reading

For more about this author, CLICK HERE.


It doesn’t matter what you are or who you are. It doesn’t matter what you think or what your intentions are. It only matters what you do.

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