Quilting A LOT With A Little: My Adventures by Tiffini Love Sobhani

I would like to be a crafty person, but I struggle with the creative part.  Give me a pattern or instructions and I can usually accomplish a project.  This book appealed to me because the author is all about letting creativity surround you instead of the rules of how everything should be.  By sharing her own experiences, good and bad, she lets you into her world.  Everything might not be perfect, but that’s ok it can still lead to some beautiful creations.

So whether you’ve just thought about quilting, have done some preliminary work, or even already made a quilt, there is something here for you.  I’m still not sure if I will ever try creating a quilt but I do know that I can take the author’s advice and apply it to many other areas of my life!

The book is also filled with tons of research, links to videos and articles and photos to help you understand the process and joy that comes from creating unique and functional art.

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Come share in My Adventures in Quilting a Lot With a Little! A little talent, a little space, and what began as a little hobby! This book is part quilt instruction, part road map to creativity, and part personal journey. You’ll want to read it if you are keen to learn more about quilting, you need a little encouragement, you have an unquenchable appetite for quilting and crafting, or you just really wish you could hang out and talk shop with someone who gets it!

Quilt Life: Ever wondered how someone can end up with fabric stacked up to the ceiling, dozens of unfinished projects and a life’s work that revolves around second-hand fabric finds? Well, this book explains it all.
While it begins with the siren call of creativity…it hooks you with the lure of potential in every scrap of fabric… You gain solid footing growing skills in design, piecing, borders and blocks… You hit your stride as fluency in various machines, shop hops and half square triangles become your language. Your path is set when you measure time by the quilts you have completed.
You know you are really lost when some normal unsuspecting person walks into your living room (partially covered in quilting excess of every kind) and looks confused, struggling to understand what they are seeing and says “Is this some kind of business?” If you are reading the synopsis of this book, you may have already tumbled down this rabbit hole. If not, consider yourself warned! Quilting A Lot With A Little is my attempt at full transparency on the Quilt Life.

…A life that finds me the sole owner and creator at Aqua Moon Studio. I’m a Quilter/Writer/Artist who had the best job in the world raising a house full of foster, adopted, and biological children. I now have the second-best job in the world, following my creative impulses or hanging out with my almost retired husband, almost grown teenagers and ever-growing band of granddaughters! Come join me through the pages of this book and maybe even help me build an online community full of creativity, encouragement and fun! Visit me at www.aquamoonstudio.com

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