Rapunzel’s Tower by Wendy L. Anderson

I love fractured fairy tales!  Back when I was a children’s librarian I would do an entire unit on fractured fairy tales, and it was always a favorite of mine as well as the students.  They are just so much fun!  This book takes us inside the adventures of two princes trying to rescue Rapunzel from her tower.  The author takes the idea that it might not have been so easy to complete this task. In fact, there may be a whole lot more going on there.  This story is filled with layers, not only the ones the princes need to complete but also in the characters and the underlying story behind the curse that keeps Rapunzel in her tower.

This author is a master at a good plot weave, and it really shows in this book with glimpses of characters who are evil, almost evil, maybe evil, good, and are they really who they appear to be?

Of course, like every good fairy tale, there will be a happily ever after – but will it be the one you are expecting?  Let’s just say a nice twist is always enjoyed by this reader.

For more about this author and all their books, CLICK HERE.


Two princes one decision!

This is a story about a beautiful princess. You may say this tale has been told countless times, the moral of the story learned, and the children entertained but you may not have heard the entire truth. A cruel twist of fate caused the princess to be locked in a magical tower. Two princes, one from the east and one from the west, are set against each other and tasked with rescuing her. How hard can it be to climb a tower? At the end of their perilous adventure, the Princess will only be able to choose one Prince as her true love. Which one will prevail in winning her hand? A tale such as this made from legends incites our minds and imaginations, and tugs at our heartstrings while chilling our bones. This is not just a story of cruel fate, but the tale of true love and Rapunzel and her tower.

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