Mimic: The Foley Chronicles: Files from the 8th District by Nathan E. Bush

This is the fifth book in The Foley Chronicles, and I have enjoyed them all – which is a weird thing to say since they can be a little gruesome and twisted.  Take a look at this wonderful cover – and you’ll immediately be pulled in!

This author has perfected the presentation of multiple narrators and kept this reader engaged and fascinated by all of them.  The characters are following a difficult path but one that has the reader wanting to turn the pages just a little faster to see where each one is going next.  Mr. Bush seems to enjoy keeping the reader in suspense up until the end and then just in case you breathed a sigh of relief – there’s a wrench thrown in to knock you out of your comfort zone.

This is one of those books where I do not like giving away too much of the tale because half of my enjoyment comes from discovering just where the story is going.

Well done in all aspects, and each story is a complete tale with continuing characters, so read them in order or mix them up – you’ll enjoy them either way.

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If you’re not careful, your dreams can become a nightmare.

Cal Dutchman’s existence is humdrum even on the best of days. When he’s not crunching numbers in a cubicle as unimaginative as a public restroom, he’s crunching cereal in an apartment not much better. But he’s always dreaming of excitement that lies just beyond his grasp.

After stumbling into a chatroom he meets Duke, the cryptic administrator of All Things Serial, a website devoted to serial killers. However, Cal has no idea that his new acquaintance already knows all about him. In fact, he’s been watching him from a distance for some time.

Over time Duke draws the introverted pencil pusher into a deadly game of copycat and mouse, and lays the blame for a series of murders squarely on Cal’s abacus. Working through his plan, he stays a step ahead of the Homicide Detectives, leaving just enough evidence to inch the investigation toward Cal’s front door; including several well versed letters detailing the murders, and explanations for why the victims were chosen.

Will the detectives from Foley’s Eighth District discover the truth about the murders before it’s too late? Or will Cal take the fall as part of Duke’s plan?

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