Fogged Off by Wendall Thomas

It’s been two long years since I got to spend time with Cyd Redondo, but like any friend you enjoy spending time with but get separated from, I fell right back into her world and enjoyed it!  Maybe I relate so well to her because I am also the only girl in a family of Brousins, or maybe I just always love her wacky family or the fact that there is an animal connection somewhere in her stories – all of which is true.  I didn’t realize how much I missed Cyd until I started this book. 

The quirky humor and Cyd’s way of dealing with any issue that comes her way from her senior clients to her family keep me reading way past my bedtime.  In this book, she and her uncle travel to London to retrieve the body of a client who has passed as he is there giving tours and doing research on Jack the Ripper for his novels. This starts the usual juggling act that has become Cyd’s life. 

Side note – a nutty character named Pete Stacio adds some drama – I’ll give you a moment while you think on that name!?!?!

While I hope I do not have to wait another two years to spend time with Cyd – I do know it will be worth the wait!

This is a romp of a wonderful read!

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When travel agent Cyd Redondo’s client and Jack the Ripper expert Shep Helnikov is found dead in London, she navigates the cutthroat worlds of research librarians, unemployed actors, rodent smugglers and more to find his killer and bring his body back home . . .

When her client and Jack the Ripper expert Shep Helnikov is found dead in London, travel agent Cyd Redondo is on the hook for thirty thousand dollars to return his body home. So when his university offers to cover the costs if she’ll go in person to collect him—and his Ripper research—she jumps at the chance, even if it means bringing her wily uncle along. But no sooner does Cyd arrive in London than her client’s death by natural causes starts to look most unnatural.

Cyd’s only hope for recovering the body and vamoosing back to Brooklyn is to find the killer herself—but she’s thwarted at every turn by Scotland Yard, Shep’s former girlfriends, a sinister mortuary service, an old nemesis, and her taxidermist uncle himself. And when Shep’s apartment is ransacked and a second Ripper expert is found murdered, Cyd knows she’ll have to solve the crimes fast, before someone books her on a one-way trip to the morgue.

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