The Sugar Skull by Manuel Ruiz

This is the perfect read for the high school/young adult – and even some of us way past that.  It is on the scary side but a bit eerier.  The main character is a 17 year old boy trying to keep not only his life together but also the lives of his family and friends.  His world is out of control and at the heart, something is trying to take over.  The author uses fantastic imagery to place the reader in the center of the scenes and chaos.   This is the start of a series, but there is closure with the door just left slightly ajar to invite you into the next book.  I cannot wait to see where it goes. 

Check out the author’s website for a free Prequel to this series entitled “Our Possessions”

For more about this author and all his books, CLICK HERE.


There is a dark place between desire and obsession…

17-year-old Ricky Luna wants nothing more than to finish school, win the hand of his best girl, and get away from his troubling home life. But when two seemingly unrelated things pop up — a curious midnight visit and the arrival of an enchanting sugar skull — his world turns upside down. It’s soon clear that the skull holds secrets far more dangerous than any high school adversary … and its sights are set on Ricky’s soul.

Objects begin to move untouched. A mysterious death unseats the family, dividing Ricky between a new rivalry and troubles at home. Life spins out of control, careening into the shadows.

The sugar skull, it seems, has intentions of its own. Can Ricky and his friends survive? Or will the evil within consume Ricky and destroy those he loves?

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