Music Shall Untune the Sky by Lou Kemp

Imagine being dropped into a hurricane.  That was my first thought when I started reading.  Speeding along on a bullet train (ok it’s a coal run engine and the train is named Elizabeth, but still!) and appearing mid-scene I was hanging on.  It took just a short amount of time for me to start putting past adventures together with the cast of creative characters.  This is steampunk with magical realism.  Just as I was adjusting and getting the story together in my mind, the author throws in wonderful historical figures such as the author Jules Verne and Captain Nemo and his Nautilus. I really enjoyed this read and the fast paced adventure.

There is a Prequel, which I am jumping right into, and more books published or on their way.  Tie yourself down and enjoy the whirlwind.

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When the battles begin, can anyone survive when magic meets magic?

It is 1865 and three close friends; the immortal magician Celwyn, the automat Professor Xiau Kang, and Bartholomew, a scientist and widower from Sudan, set out on another adventure as they travel to Singapore to fetch the professor’s wife.

Their private, magically enhanced train, the Elizabeth, is carrying them through the countryside when they witness the purposeful crash of a hot air balloon next to them, and Jules Verne joins their party. As they continue east, the danger following him continues, and the murders begin. Captain Nemo uses a unique method of tricking Professor Kang to climb aboard the Nautilus.

Music Shall Untune the Sky is a steampunk fantasy filled with murder, magic, and adventure.

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