Letters Behind Bars: A Mother-Son Memoir by Cinnamin Herring and Benjamin Herring

Reviewing a book like this is always difficult. It’s not a matter of whether or not you like the book. It is more a matter of the impact the book has on the reader. While this is not a fun read, it is a book that should be read. A story of resilience. Of life knocking you or a loved one down and getting back up.  Luckily I cannot relate to the difficulties that the authors were dealing with, but after reading this book, I do have empathy and a better understanding of all that is involved for those individuals on both sides of the justice system.

This is a well written yet heart-wrenching tale that I suggest you read in small bites so that you are not overwhelmed and can connect with the plight of this family.

The author states, “I just want it (this book) to be an authentic portrayal of human experience.” And they have succeeded at this.

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No one anticipates tragedy, but sometimes it hits you from all sides.

Determined to keep her head above water and continue pursuing her goals, Cinnamin Herring tries to keep her spirits up when her son is arrested for drugs.

When a traumatic incident further rips her family apart, Cinnamin must manage to hold it together and care for her sons, trying to steer them away from destructive life choices.

Yet, something sweet emerges amid life’s difficulties, as Cinnamin and her oldest son Simms find solace in their correspondence during his time in prison. Cinnamin works on realizing her dream of being a novelist and on writing her story with her son, who contributes from his jail cell.

Written in the form of personal memoirs with letters, poems, and stories intermingled, this harrowing story of a wife and mother’s grief shows how she learned to cope and emerged stronger from tragedy.

Told with real emotion and written from the heart, this story is sure to leave an impression and offer hope to those struggling with drug addiction or watching loved ones make poor choices.

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